Operations Research Memes

In the spirit of bringing awareness about O.R. to the masses, I created the memes below. Perhaps they’ll gain some traction or at least get a few people to wonder about what O.R. is. Who knows, they may even motivate someone to Google the term! If you end up making your own O.R.-inspired meme, please send me a link to it via the comments section. To create mine, I used the quickmeme.com web site.

UPDATE: A few other OR bloggers and tweeps joined the meme crusade! Here are their creations (in chronological order of my becoming aware of them):

Laura McLay created the memes below:

Michael Trick created these:

Paul Rubin suggested the creation of this one:

Guido Diepen created this one:

Bill Cook made this cool TSP meme:

Paul Rubin made this one, western style:

My MBA student William Bucciero got inspired by these O.R. memes and made some of his own. He was kind enough to share them with me. I think he did a great job! Here they are:

Another one of my MBA students, Jason Siem, also joined the O.R. meme bandwagon. Here’s one of his (pretty funny and true):


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9 responses to “Operations Research Memes

  1. Optimize, or optimize not. There is no satisfice. – Master Yoda

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  3. Richard Garrett

    Two LP’s to rule them all
    Two LP’s to find them
    Two LP’s to bring them all
    And in optimization bind them
    In the land of duality,
    Where the shadows lie

  4. The one I produced for my e-mail signature:
    “Usage of Mathematics in business situations might produce high efficiency. Please, recycle obtained savings responsibly.”

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  7. The best one is: the woman who says “I asked him to optimize…”It´s serious and true. It reminds me of a french song “Je cherche um homme ” The woman says she’s looking for a man,anyone,It doesn’t matter if he’s rich,handsome ,famous or strong.It doesn’t really matter to her.Does she suffer of such a low self-steem? Actually not. Because she has only one demand: He must give his maximum to her.
    The other ones are somewhat caricatural..

    Parabéns pelo blog cara. Mais um brasileiro que está botando para quebrar nos States.

  8. orbythebeach

    Obrigado, Raffi. Fico feliz em saber que você gostou do meu blog. Um abraço.

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