Looking Forward to Phoenix: My Video

INFORMS is encouraging everyone to create a video explaining what they’re looking forward to at the upcoming meeting in Phoenix. Here’s an excerpt from their page:

We are very excited about our Annual conference in Phoenix this year and we hope you are too! Take a short video (under four minutes) telling or showing us why you are excited to attend the meeting and we’ll send you one of our fun INFORMS t-shirts!

I couldn’t resist; I want one of those T-shirts! So I made a short video with my views and expectations. Here it is (you can also watch it on my YouTube channel):



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15 responses to “Looking Forward to Phoenix: My Video

  1. Jeff Linderoth


  2. orbythebeach

    Mary L.: I did remember how to pronounce it, but wanted to include a reference to you in the video given you seem to be involved in 99% of everything that’s happening at the conference. Florian tweeted that the pronunciation you describe is incorrect. Is he joking or is that another possible pronunciation?

    Jeff: Thank you!

  3. prubin73

    I’m with Florian. I think it’s La-zhin’-ski.

    Tallys: Next year you’re not only on
    the SM panel, you’re organizing it.

  4. No, that is a possible pronunciation assuming you speak Polish, which I don’t.

  5. orbythebeach

    Paul: I don’t mind being on it, but I can’t possibly organize the whole thing by myself! That will cost INFORMS some beers (or another t-shirt :-)

    Mary L.: Ha! So I unintentionally uncovered a mystery!

  6. I like the background music ;-)

  7. I got tempted to make a ribbon like that for my badge.

  8. orbythebeach

    Pierre: Thanks! I chose that one to give a Miami feel to the video.

    Thiago: That’s one way to defeat Bo Jensen :-)

  9. Maybe make a ribbon that shows your legal residency to handle two issues? As a Canadian, I live in fear that they’ll deport me back to Winnipeg (where I would expect 2 feet of snow in October). I am going to tattoo my US passport number on my forehead.

  10. orbythebeach

    Mike: I’m glad you like the video (as per your tweet). Funny you should mention this immigration thing because I officially became a U.S. citizen on September 17! It feels good.

  11. Did I hear my name in the same sentence as defeat !!! I guess some people don’t know to what extremes I will go not to loose :P

    Tally : Really funny video, I couldn’t get the audio right the first time, even then I was already laughing.. Be absolutely sure I won’t forget the beer promise..

  12. orbythebeach

    Bo: this fight is between you and Thiago. I’m just stirring the pot. Glad you like the video and hope you managed to get the audio issue fixed. Was this a problem with YouTube or with your computer? I’ll be happy to keep my beer promise :-)

  13. Bo: I think I will step by Itu before going to Phoenix. It is a city nearby Sao Paulo where things are a bit larger than usual, like phone booths (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:ITU_07_2009_Giant_Phone_6037.jpg),
    traffic lights (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:ITU_07_2009_Giant_traffic_signal_6058.jpg), and – hopefully – ribbons! :-)

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