2011 in Review: The True Numbers

WordPress automatically created a “2011 in Review” post summarizing some of this blog’s statistics in 2011. It turns out that the numbers reported in that summary are way off! They do not match the statistics provided by WordPress itself, which is weird to say the least. So I decided to put together some of those statistics for the “amusement” of my readers. In addition, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who visit, share, and write comments. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Here we go:

Total visits in 2011: 11,082 (up 51% from 2010!)

Busiest month in 2011: December with 2,363 visits (in 2010 it was October with 999 visits)

Top 5 most viewed posts in 2011:

How Should Santa Pair Up His Reindeer?, 1354 visits (to become an example in an upcoming update of a modeling language)

Should You Hire Security When Tenting Your House?, 607 visits (to become a case study in an upcoming textbook)

Using Airline Miles to Buy Magazines: A Hidden Deeper Lesson, 575 visits

Big Bang Theory Party Planning, 525 visits (used by me as an exam question)

The Joy of Baking (Optimally), 500 visits (now with a detailed explanation of my mom’s pudim recipe)


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