Best Known European Book on LP, in 1966

Today, as I entered my department’s Xerox/coffee room to make myself some tea, I noticed a big pile of old books and a note from one of my colleagues saying they were up for grabs. As I browsed through the titles, one of them caught my attention:

And here’s the text that appears on the flaps of the outer paper cover:

The publication date is 1966. And here’s an interesting quote:

“The best-known European book on linear programming. Considered one of the most complete studies of the field ever written,…”

I must confess I didn’t know about this book, but I decided to keep it for its (potential) historical value. A little Googling led me to discover that Adi Ben-Israel wrote a half-page SIAM Review about this book in 1967 (volume 9, no. 3, p. 608). Here are some highlights:

“This book is, in my opinion, among the best in the class of general reference and self-instruction L.P. texts presently available, and as such is most valuable to practitioners and students of L.P.”

Later on Adi also says that the book has “Many well-chosen, worked out examples.” That sounds pretty good! I haven’t had time to browse through it yet, but if anyone knows about this book, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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