There and Back Again: A Thank You Note

There were sub-freezing temperatures, there were snow flurries, there was a hail storm, and there was a tornado watch. No, I’m not claiming that my visit to Pittsburgh last week was as full of adventures as Bilbo Baggins’s journey, but it was very nice indeed.

I had the great pleasure of being invited by John Hooker and Willem-Jan van Hoeve to give a talk at the Operations Research seminar at the Tepper School of Business. Since John, André Ciré, and I are working together on some interesting things, I took the opportunity to spend the entire week (Mon-Fri) at CMU; and what a joy it was.

The Tepper School was kind enough to have a limo service pick me up from, and take me back to, the airport. I guess this is how the top business schools roll. It’s a great way to make a speaker feel welcome. Besides, my driver turned out to be an extremely friendly and easy-to-talk-to fellow. Thanks to him (and his knowledge of off-the-beaten-path roads), I managed to catch my return flight. Otherwise, a cab driver would have sat through miles of Friday rush hour, and I’d certainly have missed the flight.

I walked to campus every day and actually enjoyed the few minutes of cold weather (wow! I can’t believe I just said that!). Stopping at the Kiva Han to grab an almond biscotto and a small coffee, right across the street from Starbucks, was a daily treat. Walking around campus brought back great memories from my PhD-student days. It’s nice to see all the improvements, and all the good things that remain good. Upon leaving Miami, I had the goal of having Indian food for 10 out of my 10 meals (excluding breakfast). Although I managed to do it only 4 times, I’m pretty happy with my gastronomic adventures in Pittsburgh. The delicious semolina gnocchi served at Eleven is definitely praiseworthy.

Work-wise, it was a very productive week. We had interesting ideas and conversations. I’m very grateful to all of those who took time off their busy schedules to meet with me, be it to catch up on life, talk about research (including some excellent feedback on my talk), or both. Thank you (in no particular order) to Alan Scheller-Wolf, Javier Peña, Michael Trick, Egon Balas, Sridhar Tayur, Masha Shunko, Valerie Tardif, Lawrence Rapp, and of course John and Willem. Many thanks also go to André, David, and all the other PhD students who joined me for lunch on Friday. I really enjoyed meeting all of you and learning a bit about your current projects.

I noticed that John got rid of his chalk board and painted two of his office walls with some kind of glossy white-board paint. It’s pretty cool because it allows you to literally write on your wall and erase everything with a regular white-board eraser. Now I want to do the same in my office! (My white board is pretty small.) But I’m not sure if they’ll let me. Gotta check on that!

Overall, it was an awesome week and I hope I can do this again some time.


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