Happy Holidays O.R. Style

The previous owners of our house were kind enough to leave their piano behind. It’s a beautiful old-school player piano. It uses paper rolls to encode the songs like punch cards (we inherited a number of rolls as well). I’ve never taken piano classes, but every now and then I enjoy poking around the keys until I manage to play something simple. Here’s a picture:

After managing to play “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, I decided to create a happy-holidays video card as a thank you to all my readers (yes, all nine of you). However, having a tendency to think about alternative lyrics to well-known songs, I could not help doing it again. The result is an O.R.-ish version of the song, which I hope you’ll enjoy.



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3 responses to “Happy Holidays O.R. Style

  1. Very amusing — but I hope the simulation and queueing folks don’t feel left out.

  2. orbythebeach

    I’m glad you like it. Paul: you raise a good point; I’ve been too deep into branch-and-cut these days. I wish to apologize to non-optimizers for not mentioning them explicitly. They also deserve Happy Holidays :-)

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