Tagxedo of Entire INFORMS Program

Inspired by recent posts and tweets about the “latest and greatest” word cloud generator (Tagxedo), I decided to play with it myself in search of the true meaning of Operations Research…

Here’s a Tagxedo of the Sunday sessions at the INFORMS 2010 meeting in Austin:

What we learn from it is that (i) there are many “Professors” from “Universities” in the “United States of America”; (ii) a lot of “Sponsored” sessions; and (iii) many people from “edu” domains (is that more evidence that we don’t have enough practitioners at the conference (.com domains) ? ).

So if we filter out those words (using the sed command). Here’s what we get:

That looks a little better. Then I decided to create a word cloud of the *entire* program (Sunday through Wednesday). The result is this:

I’ll leave it to my readers to reach their own conclusions :-) BUT I’d love to read about your thoughts in the comments!


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One response to “Tagxedo of Entire INFORMS Program

  1. What might be handy would be a tag cloud produced from the program before the conference, with noise words culled, and tied to the online program search feature (so that we could grab words from the cloud and use them to modify searches). Something like the tag cloud feature in DeeperWeb.

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