Cited by Competing on Analytics, by mistake…

I just found out that one of my papers (Building Efficient Product Portfolios at John Deere and Company, co-authored with D. Napolitano, A. Scheller-Wolf and Sridhar Tayur), has been cited in chapter 2 of the book “Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning“, by Thomas Davenport and Jeanne Harris. The chapter is entitled “What Makes an Analytical Competitor?” (link to PDF). Another interesting coincidence was that today I listened to the Science of Better Podcast featuring Thomas Davenport! I was excited to see the context of the citation, but it all turned out to be a mistake :-( The authors refer to the work on “direct derivative estimation of non-stationary inventory” (which was also done by SmartOps, saving Deere 1.2 billion dollars over 5 years) and cite our paper as a reference for it. Could it have been because our paper has the words “John” and “Deere” in the title? On a positive note, however, this may drive some readers to our paper, which is, IMHO, a great read anyway.


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