OR on the iPhone

picture-11I’m the proud owner of an iPhone (1st generation; anxiously waiting for the 3rd gen. release later this year). With all its bells and whistles and intuitive easy-to-use interface, the iPhone can also be used as an effective educational tool. The upcoming hardware and software updates promise to make it even better.

Stanford University has a computer science course entitled “iPhone Application Programming” and, guess what, they’ve made it publicly available (free of charge) from iTunesU. That includes everything: slides, homework assignments and video recordings of the lectures! It doesn’t get any better than this.

This brings me to the reason for this post: why not have an OR-related iPhone App? The possibilities are endless: from teaching the Simplex graphical method, to using the location-aware services and maps to help people navigate and meet during our gigantic INFORMS annual meetings. Incidentally, this ties in with Mike Trick’s last post on social networking technologies. I already have an App idea of my own but, for the time being, it will have to remain a secret.

The main question now becomes: what percentage of INFORMS members own an iPhone?



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4 responses to “OR on the iPhone

  1. orbythebeach

    Cool! One of the comments on that post points to a GA on the iPhone as well.

  2. Very interesting. There has got to be great ideas around the location-aware aspect. Think of the supply chain and transportation possibilities. How about a cool traveling salesman iPhone app?

  3. Very interesting stuff.

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